Where to find student accommodations in Bath

There is simply only one place which should be used in order to find student rooms in the bath area and that’s Oh Happy Days. Wait, say what? Yep, it’s a real company name, providing REAL student rooms to those in Bath. The owner of this company works by himself to offer the very best rooms to university students in Bath. The website is updated regularly by the owner himself, providing details on student accommodations around the Bath area, providing prices, pictures etc.

We suggest you checkout Oh Happy Days if you’re looking for a student accommodation in bath or a place to stay during university time at Bath. We understand the frustration associated with finding an accommodation, especially one which is close to the university itself and has other people which will be sharing with you. All of this is sorted and you will be invited to an induction day where you can visit the other students staying in the same place as you.

Checkout Oh Happy Days, while you’re at it check out this blog for further details.